Canoe Trip Route A

Your drop off point by tow boat or entry point into the Quetico Park will be at Bottle Portage.  This is point A on the map.  This is a great “loop trip”.  It’s mileage is about 40- 45 miles  – a super 5-7 day fishing trip. You’ll experience the beauty of Rebecca Falls and Curtain Falls!  The fishing is superb on this route.  You will get to see first hand the beauty of Argo Lake… the clarity of these aqua-marine waters will make you think you’ve portaged to the Carribean!  You will traverse the natural beauty of the Darky River, hopping a few beaver ponds and taking in a moose sighting.  WS-Curtain Falls

The entry poiny is Bottle Portage. You will then travel on Iron, Crooked, Roland, Argo and Darky Lake, Darky River to Minn Lake and on to Lac La Croix. Our tow boat service will pick you up at Black Robe Portage or McAree Portage at your pre-determined time.

Difficulty Rating:  mid range

Fisher map # E2 and F17

Tow Boat Rates 

Trips A, B, and C can be complimented with tow service: $220.00 per person round trip with a complete outfitting package or partial outfitting. Add a  $100.00 canoe hauling fee for your own canoe.


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