Quetico Permits

What You Need to Know

The Quetico Park is comprised of 1.2 million acres of pine studded islands, clean and clear water, wildlife, solitude, and fishing like no other area in the world.  It’s glacial lakes and rugged terrain leave a mark on your soul that will not soon be forgotten.  Beautiful sunsets, calls of the loon, native pictographs, and wild blueberries are the added bonus to the constant tug on the line.

To enter the Quetico Park you must have a Quetico Camping Permit.  Permits can be reserved 5 months prior to your date of arrival.  To make a reservation, the Park will charge an $11 reservation fee along with a $100 deposit (charged the day we make your reservation) that will later come off your camping fees.  We make this process painless:  we obtain your permits through the park with no service fee attached!

Non-Resident Quetico Camping Fees

(Charged upon your arrival date)



Per Night, Per Adult



Per Night, Per Youth

Details & Regulations

All groups planning a Quetico Park canoe trip are NOT required to have a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit (RABC) as you will check in at Canada Customs on Sand Point Lake en-route to the lodge.

A quick stop at the Lac La Croix Ranger Station on the way to your entry point will make you legal in the park. A credit card is required at the Ranger Station to pay the reminder of your camping fees.

You will need an Ontario non-resident fishing license to fish the waters of the Quetico Park.

Lac La Croix is by far the least visited and least commercialized entry into the Quetico Park due to the quota system and tow service. There are only 2 permits available per day at each entry.

One permit covers up to 9 people & 4 canoes.

Like the Boundary Waters, there are no cans, bottles, motors, or burning of green wood allowed.

Please be aware of regulations on border crossing with alcohol and/or tobacco.

The Quetico Park differs from the Boundary Waters in several ways:

  • You may camp wherever you choose
  • You must use barbless hooks.
  • Live bait is not allowed

Tow Boat Services

We provide tow service to the following entries on Lac La Croix:

  • Bottle Portage
  • McAree
  • Black Robe Portage
  • Twin Falls (Maligne River)
  • Snake Falls (Three Mile)
  • Beaver House (van service provided to this entry from Lac La Croix)

You can rest assured that Mark and crew will go over your maps with years of knowledge behind them, as our backyard is the Quetico Park!  The best route is tailored to each group.  With his “magic red pen” campsites are prioritized and legendary fishing spots in each lake will be marked and are “spot on”.  We pride ourselves on keeping our guests safe in the woods, comfortable and prepared!

View Routes

When you visit the Western side of the Quetico, we will have you hooked!