BWCAW Permits

What You Need to Know

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) is a unique natural area located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota.

The BWCAW’s northern border is contiguous with Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park, also managed as a wilderness area, and together they form a core wilderness area of approximately two million acres.  Our outfitting base is located on that northern border on a pine studded island on Lac La Croix.

The glaciers left behind lakes and streams interspersed with islands, and surrounded by rugged cliffs and crags, gentle hills, canyon walls, rocky shores, and sandy beaches.  Approximately 1175 lakes varying in size from 10 to 10,000 acres lie within this protected park.

BWCAW Camping Permit Fees

(Charged upon your arrival date)



Per Trip, Per Adult



Per Trip, Per Youth

An additional $6 reservation fee will be charged by at the time of booking.

Details & Regulations

A Minnesota Fishing License is required to fish within these waters.  Click here to purchase your MN Fishing License

Group size is limited to no more than 9 people per party with no more than 4 canoes.

You MUST camp at a designated site.  Designated campsites will have a latrine and fire grate

You are allowed to use live bait in the Boundary Waters.

There are no cans, bottles, motors, or burning of green wood allowed in the BWCAW.

This business operates on behalf of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness program located within the Superior National Forest.

As a BWCAW program Cooperator, this business is an equal opportunity service provider.

**  IF you are not able to enter Canada due to a DUI (considered a felony in Canada) you ARE still able to enjoy the northernmost portion of the BWCAW utilizing our tow service.  We will keep you on the American side the entire way, with no entry into Canada necessary. **

Tow Boat Services

We provide tow service to the following BWCAW entries:

  • Bottle Portage
  • Tiger Bay Area
  • Lady Boot Bay Area
  • Tacumich Lake Area
  • Snow Bay
  • Loon Lake

You can rest assured that Mark and crew will go over your maps with years of knowledge behind them, as our backyard is the Boundary Waters!  The best route is tailored to each group.  With his “magic red pen” campsites are prioritized and legendary fishing spots in each lake will be marked and are “spot on”.  We pride ourselves on keeping our guests safe in the woods, comfortable and prepared!  Our knowledge of the area is invaluable to your trip planning and we are happy to share the “ways of the woods” with each guest.

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When you visit the BWCAW, we will have you hooked!